Inspiration from Nature

William Morris is chiefly known as a great designer of patterns derived from natural forms. Wild and garden flowers, inter-twining leaves, birds and animals all feature in his wallpapers, textiles, carpets and ceramics.

This topic features: 

Investigating Pattern

William Morris is famous as a great designer of flat patterns. He disliked the over-elaborate designs of wallpaper, textiles and furnishings popular with mid-19th century Victorian taste. He wanted to produce simpler, natural designs that would suit the purpose and material they were designed for.

For further classroom based resources on pattern see Working with Pattern Inspired by Wiliam Morris below

Running a Design Business 

William Morris had a great flair for business and marketing. Morris & Co became one of the most successful design brands in the late Victorian period.

Exploring Techniques and Materials: Block Printing

Working with Pattern (follow up activities)

A richly illustrated Key Stage 2 Teachers' Resource Pack featuring a scheme of work inspired by William Morris. Developed by textile artist Sba Shaikh.

The pack includes:

  • Individual lesson plans (fully differentiated for both SEN learners and G&T pupils and including key vocabulary lists with definitions)
  • Resources, including images and photocopiable worksheets where required
  • Lists of additional resources required from schools
  • Opportunities for children to explore patterns from different countries and understand how William Morris was influenced by art from different cultures

Part 1 contains five lesson plans with cross-curricula links and photocopiable classroom resources

Part 2 contains a classroom Powerpoint presentation to accompany the lesson plans

This Scheme of Work covers units from Maths, ICT, Art & Design and English from the current National Curriculum. Links to these are outlined on the contents page of Part 1.