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Primary Workshops

We are sorry that the workshops below are currently unavailable . Supporting resources can by accessed from the Teachers Resources page. Artists from the Gallery's regular freelance team can come out to schools to deliver workshops. Please see the Visiting the Gallery page for details. Join our learning mailing list to receive the latest updates on our programmes.

Introducing William Morris
Key Stage 1
Art and Design/History
60 minutes
A simple introduction to Morris’s life and work and an opportunity to handle original 19th century woodblocks and design samples, followed by drawing activities in the galleries.

Inspired By Nature
Key Stages 1 and 2
Art and Design/History
90 minutes (KS1), 120 minutes (KS2)
Explore Morris’s love of nature and the importance of animals and plants in his designs. Sessions include object handling, a Gallery tour and relief printmaking using pre-cut lino blocks. Older pupils look at Morris as a Victorian designer and his influence on the period.

Investigating Pattern
Key Stage 2
Art and Design/Maths
120 minutes
This session explores the pattern making techniques used by Morris (symmetry, repeat, proportion, half-drop units), how he created designs through block printing and weaving and the inspiration he drew from Islamic and Indian patterns. Older students explore different frameworks for organising pattern.

Inspiring a Campaign
Key Stage 2
90 minutes
Morris was a powerful campaigner for social justice and his influence is still cited today by leading activists and thinkers. Students explore Morris’s political pamphlets and posters, comparing them with today’s protest art, before presenting a campaign close to their hearts.

The Art of Storytelling
Key Stages 1 and 2
90 minutes (KS1), 120 minutes (KS2)
Explore visual storytelling by William Morris and his friends in works such as George and the Dragon and Beauty and the Beast. Learn how to read stories in artworks and how rich, descriptive language can be evoked. Pupils retell and perform stories to their classmates providing imaginative starting points for further creative writing back in school.