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Playing with Pattern

"I didn’t realise I was doing maths" - Year 5 Pupil, Greenleaf Primary

Playing with Pattern combines web and touchscreen technologies in a unique way to help students to learn about maths within pattern design. It presents Discover, Explore and Play experiences, using Morris & Co patterns as practical examples and enable students to design and print-off their own version of a William Morris pattern

This innovative interactive resource was produced as a culmination of Animating the Archives, a three-year project (2019-2021) funded by Arts Council England and Great Place National Lottery. The project looked at the relationship between maths and art by exploring how designers such as William Morris apply mathematical concepts to build intricate patterns.

Textile artist Sba Shaikh developed a gallery workshop programme, which was piloted with Year 5 students from Greenleaf Primary School, Walthamstow. Students made their own printing blocks and learned to combine maths with pattern design to create designs for cushion covers. At a final celebration event at the William Morris Gallery, students took their families on a tour of the Gallery and showcased their work in the learning studio.

The workshop concepts were then developed into this interactive online learning resource for both school and individual use

The resources from the Gallery sessions and a series of bespoke maths learning resources are also available to download from the Playing with Pattern site and can be used to support Key Stage 2 maths through creative design and the inspiration of William Morris's patterns.