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Literacy Resources

Stories Told by William Morris and Friends is a project that uses six art works and designs from William Morris Gallery's collection to support literacy at Key Stage 2. A visit to the Gallery can be built upon to create a half-term unit using the resources downloadable here. The resources consist of:

  • Briefing Notes for teachers and adult helpers to help them talk about the six individual artworks (pictured) in the Gallery
  • Activity Sheets. These include one page sheets to help pupils explore individual art works in small groups rotating round the gallery spaces. They also include generic Story Frameworks and Scribe Sheets to help adults draw out language and their own ideas for stories from the artworks for further creative writing back at school
  • Background Information Notes. These provide a lot more contextual information about the stories and the artists and can be used by teachers for preparation or for research by upper Key Stage 2 pupils
  • Scheme of Work, developed to provide a six week unit of follow-up work linked closely to literacy objectives for Year 5 and 6 with suggestions on adaptations for earlier years
  • Project Case Study and Evaluation. See how others did it. The resources were developed and piloted with Thomas Gamuel  Primary School Walthamstow culminating with a celebration day when they gave guided tours in the Gallery to family and friends, telling the stories of the art works by Morris & Co. The  evaluation tracks the progress of pupils at three achievement levels and charts the project’s significant impact

“The gallery is a fantastic asset.” Thomas Gamuel teacher

Download the resources below