CPD For Teachers

Free Private Views
Enjoy an exclusive preview of upcoming exhibitions with specialist tours, demonstrations and a glass of wine. For the latest event details see our Whats On section and for an invite join the educators’ mailing list.

Teachers’ Courses
Courses on a range of design techniques are offered throughout the year, normally on Saturdays but are also available as whole school INSETs.  Other topics linking to current exhibitions may be arranged.

Printmaking across the Primary Curriculum
Learn a range of safe, age appropriate printing techniques used without knives or cutters.  Integrate these into cross year curriculum planning to enrich the artistic output of the whole school.

Developing Sketchbooks and Drawing Skills at Key Stages 1 and 2
Learn to kickstart a sketchbook habit and build confidence using a wide range of materials including graphite sticks, pen and ink, pastels and charcoal.