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Here at the William Morris Gallery we have the world's largest collection of objects relating to William Morris. We work with commercial brands and offer our large collection of high resolution images for use on products. As well as this we offer the use of our logo, giving your brand the authenticity that other products on the market may lack. We are based in William Morris's childhood home, and as such have a unique collection, expertise and link to Morris.

We believe:

  • in producing quality products that celebrate the life and work of William Morris
  • in working directly with designers and product developers to offer support and advice
  • in supporting our licensees by stocking their products in our onsite and online shops
  • that every penny from our licensing programme goes back into supporting our free programmes and events.

What we can offer:

  • An unparalleled collection of iconic William Morris designs
  • Use of our historic building for photo shoots
  • Promotion through social media for products
  • Support through retailing in our online and onsite shops
  • Expert advice on Morris and his work

We have licences with some of the most prominent suppliers to the heritage industry, and have also worked with high-end fashion brands such as House of Hackney, Marc Jacobs and Jigsaw.


A beautiful collection of gardening products for Briers, which were Brand and Licensing Awards finalists in 2016

Eco Coffee Cups

A range of environmentally friendly containers for coffee


Collections with Jigsaw, House of Hackney and Marc Jacobs


Traditional and contemporary homewares ranges

For more information about our licensing programme please contact stephen.white@walthamforest.gov.uk or sam.enstone@walthamforest.gov.uk